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We are very happy to welcome you on our website chromesville.com. This website is dedicated to the very well known and popular programming language named Delphi. The identifier “Delphi” has multiple meanings. In the first line, Delphi was the name for a Rapid-Application-Development (RAD) IDE for the Object Pascal language. On the second line, Delphi is also an identifier respective a kind of synonym for the programming language behind the Delphi RAD-IDE, Object Pascal.

The language Object Pascal is derived from the well known procedural programming language Pascal. Object Pascal enhances the Pascal language by the object orientated programming paradigm. Furthermore Delphi respective Object Pascal ships with a very useful and mighty library of classes. This library is called VCL, which is an abbreviation to Visual-Component-Library. The VCL contains lots of classes, which enable the developer to solve a lot of common problems within seconds.

For designing pleasing GUIs, Delphi ships a lot of easy drag’n’drop-able GUI-components, which can be filled with live when clicked by a few lines of code. Before the development of desktop applications widely moved to the .NET platform, some coders often used Delphi to develop the graphical interface for the application, but the core-functionality of the application was implemented in C++. The frontend of the application in this case accessed the core-functionality, which was stored in native DLLs, by just loading the library and calling the desired functions.

Initially Delphi was a product of the Borland Company, but in the past decade there were a few owner-changes.  In the November of 2006, the Borland Company founded a subsidiary called CodeGear. CodeGear was since then the new owner of the developer-teams and the development-tools, including Delphi. On the 7th Mai of 2008, the IDE-Section was sold to Embarcadero Technologies.

Since that, Delphi is called Embarcadero Delphi instead of Borland Delphi. However, Delphi is still a well popular and nice option, when it comes to the question for a sustainable programming language which offers lots of features and ships with an easy to use and stable programming environment. By a high probability this is the reason to the fact, that the Delphi concept is used in lots of professional software products today.